Big Healey

HD8 Carb Initial Tuning

I have read many “how to” documents concerning the tuning of the SU HD8 carburetors including the “Bible” – SU Carburetters Tuning Tips & Techniques and Des Hamill’s The SU Carburetter High-Performance Manual. But, The summary put together by Steve Byers is about the best single document specifically for HD8 carbs that I have reviewed. Byers […]

HD8 Carb Rebuild and Test Installation with Throttle Cable

Since I had removed the carbs to install the new intake manifold, I decided it might be a good idea to go ahead and rebuild the carbs. They didn’t have many miles on them, but it has been about eleven years since they were last rebuilt and although I wasn’t experiencing any leaks it seems […]

Carb Removal and Intake Manifold Replacement

So, here is a step-by-step of the process from tear down to completion. More than anyone (except me) would want to know. I first removed the air cleaner that I have been using for ten years from the carbs. Next was removal of the throttle return springs with a note about orientation of the springs […]

Valve Adjustment

I really don’t recall when I last checked valve clearances, so as part of this ten year renewal process adjusting clearances was an obvious item for the checklist. You really don’t need many tools to take care of this project. An 8mm socket is used to loosen the hose clamps on the crankcase breather apparatus, […]

Oil Catch Can Installation

Our Austin Healeys did not come equipped with oil catch cans but they did have a method of addressing combustion “blow-by.” The image below, with the components outlined in red, depicts the components of the system. A contaminated air/oil/fuel mix leaks down from an engine’s combustion chamber, around the piston and into the crankcase, where […]

Front Shroud Badge Replacement

They just don’t make them like they used to! The shroud badge I mounted on the Healey around 2008 started to lose its color (enamel?) this year. I think the problem was that the entire badge was chromed and then the enamel was applied. It is hard for anything to stick to chrome indefinitely. So, […]

Car Show Preparation

The Tampa Bay Austin Healey Club hosts an annual British Car Show held in Safety Harbor, FL. The 2018 Show will be held on October 27 so I side-stepped my ten-year maintenance project and gave some attention to cosmetic issues to get The Bloody Beast ready for the show. I had clayed, polished and waxed […]

Oil Leaks

Of course, the standard joke is that the car wouldn’t be British if it didn’t leak oil. My car isn’t bad, but when I had it up on the lift, I noticed some oil on the RH side of the frame. The leak got me looking around. I seam to have oil leaking from the […]

Ten Year Renewal Check List

Bloody Beast Ten Year Renewal Plan   This is an initial draft of a check list for my ten year renewal project. I would love to have feedback from others on the completeness of the list. Obviously, some of these items will have been tended to rather recently during routine maintenance and they will now […]

Engine Oil Change

A pretty simple and straightforward first step. I have a spin-on oil filter adapter and use a K&N HP-2009 Filter with a little under 7 quarts of Hick’s Oils Collector’s Choice 20W-50 motor oil. A fresh copper crush washer was used under the oil sump drain plug. The drain plug on my aluminum sump requires […]

Bloody Beast Videos

This is a collection of short videos of the Bloody Beast in action. This is fun video shot and edited by my brother, Chuck in early August, 2016. This is his daughter (my niece) Caitlin taking her first ride in a Healey. Needless to say, she enjoyed the trip!

Wheels & Tires

The Original Tires and Wheels The wheels were Dunlop 15” 48 spoke center-lock wire wheels painted silver-grey secured with a two-eared chromed bronze knock-off. The car was fitted with Dunlop Roadspeed RS4 tubed black-wall bias ply tires. Tire and Wheel Modifications I decided to use Dayton chrome/stainless wire wheels supplied by Hendrix Wire Wheel. The […]

Bloody Beast Maintenance

Maintenance October, 2014 –  Returning home from the Shenandoah Valley British Car Club show in Waynesboro, VA I noticed that the clutch pedal was slippery. Sure enough the seals in the master cylinder failed and I had some nasty brake fluid leaking from the cylinder. I removed both the brake and clutch masters figuring that […]

Throttle Cable Modification

Throttle Cable Modification Owning a Austin-Healey “Bugeye” Sprite always made me wonder about the somewhat arcane mechanical throttle linkage system in my BT7. The Bugeye has a very simple accelerator control system whereby the accelerator pedal and the carburetors are connected via a cable. This provides a direct and immediately responsive system assuming that the […]

Seam Sealer

Seam Sealer  



Introduction I took my Universal Laminations hardtop apart in 1977 and, of course, intended to completely restore it to original standard at the time. This did not happen and it sat disassembled until I began to undertake the complete restoration of my car in 2001. We all know that it is best to take things […]

The Bloody Beast “To-Do” List

Rear Disc Brakes Silicone Valve Cover Seals Caliper Modification I have never been pleased with the fit of the rear brake rotors with the handbrake calipers. Steve Gerow ran into the same problem – the diameter of the rotor is about 1/4″ to great to fit the calipers properly. I like how he “fixed” […]

Spare Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover To dress-up the appearance of the boot and to provide a clean surface when carrying clothes or luggage, I had a carpet cover made for my spare tire using carpet to match the interior of The Bloody Beast.Under the cover I still have the leather harness/belt to tie down the tire.

Rear Tow/Tie Down Hooks

Rear Tow/Tie Down Hooks I noticed on the Tom’s Import Toy Sales web site that he sells a nice replica of the factory tow hooks. They are made of high grade stainless steel and fasten to the car using the rear leaf spring bolt. I ordered a pair and was quite pleased with the […]


Gas Strut Installation My friend Steve Thomton has an on-line gas strut business. So, it was only natural that he should come up with the bracketing and appropriate strut to install a strut in the boot of a Healey. As always, Steve’s work is of the highest quality. The components in Steve’s kit are remarkably […]

Weekly Restoration Blog

Restoration Blog

  Restoration Blog Once I reached the point where I was beginning to reassemble my BT7 I decided to keep a weekly journal of the progress I made during the preceding seven days. Clicking on the link below will direct you to the Restoration Blog and a listing of assembly components accompanied by a citation […]

The Bloody Beast – Bodywork & Paint

Bodywork and Paint These are bodywork and paint images contained in a Flickr collection (two sets or albums of images). The link below takes you to the Collection. Martin Jansen of Jule Enterprises put in a new frame and installed the tub and initial fitting of the wings and doors, and then epoxy primed. Jeremy […]

The Beast’s First Drive

The Beast's First Drive

The Beast’s First Drive December 1, 2007 was the date of the first drive with The Bloody Beast. This first test drive was merely onto the tennis court and back to the garage, but it was an exciting achievement. Actually exhilarating would be a good word to describe the experience. After years of work, the […]

Side Curtains

Solid Lexan Panel Image 1

Side Curtain Modifications March, 2009 I currently have brand new sidecurtains. They fit reasonably well, have new clear plexiglass that slides easily and the new aluminum frames are blemish free. In other words they look about as good as side curtains can look. However, with a 7,000 – 8,000 mile cross country trip ahead of […]