Big Healey

2009 Healey Marque Article on The Bloody Beast

April 2009 Healey Marque Article on The Bloody Beast Not too long after the completion of the restoration of The Bloody Beast, Reid Trummel, editor of the Healey Marque magazine contacted me about preparing an article for an upcoming edition. I put some narrative and photos together, expecting to get one or two pages in the […]


Moto Lita Wheel

Steering I made no modifications to the original steering system consisting of the steering box, steering idler, and steering arms. However, both the steering box and idler were completely rebuilt. Steering Wheel I did replace the original steering wheel with a Moto-Lita Mahogany Wood Wheel. This also requires adding a new hub. Control Head/Trafficator The […]


Arm Rest Installed

Creating a Functional Arm Rest  for a BT7 A number of people have asked about the arm rest installed in The Bloody Beast, so I decided to write up a little summary of the build process. I began with the standard upholstered arm rest pad sourced from Heritage Upholstery and Trim. However, the pad as […]

Soft Top & Tonneau

Soft Top & Tonneau I ordered my soft top and tonneau from Robbins. Charley Darley, a BT7 owner from the Capital Area Healey Club recommended Brownings Upholstery in Manassas, VA for soft top and tonneau installation. Although Brownings is located about two hours away, I thought I should try to use a shop with Healey […]

Electrical System

Lucas Driving Lights

The Original Electrical System  The electricals were a 12 volt positive ground Lucas system. The battery with an interrupt switch was located in the boot. The system consisted of the following: Fuel pump: SU AUA72 Voltage Regulator: Lucas Type 106/2 Single Fuse Box: Lucas Type FS6 with 50 and 35 amp fuses Electric Overdrive: Laycock de […]


Rear Disc Brake & Hub

The Original Brake System The front drum brakes of the 100-Sixes were replaced by Girling 11” disc brakes on the 3000 in March 1959. Rear brakes were 11” Girling drums that were also controlled by a handbrake lever located on the right side of the gearbox tunnel  Brake Modifications The most significant modification I made […]


Red Jule Frame

The Original Chassis/Frame The car’s chassis had been lengthened for the rear seats in the production of the 100 six BN4. Other than the change for disc brakes, there were no significant changes for the 3000. 100-6_3000 ChassisDesign. Modified Chassis/Frame Storage in damp surroundings plus over forty years of life left BT7 L4422 with substantial rust […]


Toyota W57 5 Speed Gearbox

The Original Driveline System The system consists of the clutch, gearbox, overdrive, and propshaft. The original driveline system included the following: Clutch: 10” Borg and Beck hydraulic Gearbox: “side-shift” 4 speed Overdrive: Laycock de Normanville electric Propshaft: Hardy Spicer universal joints Flywheel: 28 lb. Driveline Modifications Toyota 5 Speed Conversion Although I always enjoyed the […]

Exhaust System


The Original Exhaust System The exhaust system consisted of two exhaust manifolds connected to the silencer by two downpipes ending with flex tubing. A dual tailpipe assembly was used exiting on the left rear of the vehicle. Exhaust System Modifications I replaced the standard exhaust system with a Phoenix Big Bore 2″ stainless steel exhaust […]

Fuel System

Fuel Pump and Fuel Lines

The Original Fuel System The fuel system consists of the fuel tank, the fuel pump, the carburetters and the air cleaners. The original fuel system included the following: Fuel tank: 14.4 U.S. gallon steel tank Fuel pump: SU electric Carburetters: Twin 1 3/4” semi-downdraft HD6 Air Cleaners: Coopers “pancake” type.  Modified Fuel System Aluminum Fuel […]

Ignition BT7

123 Distributor

The Original Ignition System Distributor: Lucas DM6A Coil: Lucas HA 12 volt Spark Plugs: Champion UN12Y Modified Ignition System Distributor Having converted the Bugeye to electronic ignition with a Crane system, I knew that I wanted to use electronic ignition with the Bloody Beast, but unlike the Crane system, I wanted to use a system […]


Engine installed

Engine Number 29D/RU/H5677 The engine was a development of the 100/6 2.6-litre unit and now had a capacity of 2912cc, which produced 124bhp. B.H.P.: 124 @ 4,600 r.p.m. (B.H.P. per ton laden 97.4) Engine Modifications Modifications affecting the engine may also be found under the categories of “ignition,”  “fuel” and “electrical,” but the following items […]


Just a Little Rusty!

1960 Austin Healey 3000 MkI  HBT7L4422 I purchased BT7 L4422 from Ronnie Parmer in Staunton, Virginia in 1971 when I was 19. It was the first car I ever owned, and I paid $600. The engine number was 29D/RU/H5677 with body number 4504 BT7L. The Heritage Build Certificate indicates that the car was painted Colorado […]

Body and Brightwork

Ferrari Rosso Corsa

Original Body and Brightwork Numerous color combinations were available Bodies and frames were painted by Jensen. My BT7 L4422 was prepared in a lacquer Colorado Red with black coves. Front and rear (tonneau assembly) shrouds were made of aluminum alloy, while the wings, doors, bonnet and boot lid were fabricated in steel. These components […]


Austin Healey 3000

Original Interior The original interior was medium red with black piping using leather and matching “leathercloth” vinyl. Carpet was also red and black armacord finished the boot interior. An adjustable plastic 16 1/2” steering wheel was standard. Interior Modifications Upholstery and Carpet The interior finish materials were supplied by Heritage Trim. While somewhat expensive and […]


Aluminum Radiator

Managing the heat generated by the operating engine, whether in the engine itself, in the engine bay, or in the interior is an issue in the Big Healey. What may not have been an issue in more temperate Great Britain, is a different story in the U.S. Over the years Healey owners have gotten progressively […]