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Chapter 75 Week Forty-Five October 22, 2007

I continued with the assembly of various engine components in the forty-fifth week of restoration. I learned the hard way that the vacuum line from the intake manifold to the distributor needs to be one of the first items to install on the engine, not one of the last! However, after a number of trial […]

Chapter 74 Week Forty-Four October 15, 2007

With the engine in place, it was now time to complete the assembly of the various engine components, but first I installed the clutch slave cylinder with the push rod provided in the Smitty conversion kit. It went in without any problem and lined up perfectly. The clutch pedal seemed to work smoothly. The bleeder extension […]

Chapter 73 Week Forty-Three October 8, 2007

I returned from Europe with a renewed commitment to get the Healey completely finished by Christmas. With help from my wife, I pulled the engine. The Smitty bell housing was removed from the backplate and refitted to the Toyota gearbox. I used Copaslip on the fulcrum pin and arm as well as the shaft on […]

Chapter 72 Week Forty-Two October 1, 2007

Still traveling!

Chapter 76 Week Forty-Six October 29, 2007

I am not quite ready to start the engine because I am waiting on my custom made propshaft, currently being fabricated by Dale Engineering. However, there were some close to final matters that needed attention as the day to fire up the engine approached. Jack Harper from Coachworks, Ltd. who assembled my rebuilt engine, came […]

Chapter 71 Week Forty-One September 24, 2007

Away for travel 

ValveChatter Update August 2018

I want to update ValveChatter readers regarding several “life changes” that have occurred which  will have an influence on this site and on future posts.  My wife and I have relocated from Virginia to Florida. As most retirees do, we “downsized.” In our case it didn’t just mean fewer square feet in the living quarters, […]

Chapter 66 Week Thirty-Six August 20, 2007

I went out to visit Jack at Coach Works and check on the progress of the motor assembly. I was pleased to find that he had mounted the spin-on oil filter, the alternator with the bracketing kit from Hendrix Wire Wheel (made by Don Lenschow), the rebuilt original water pump and pulley from World Wide Auto, […]

Chapter 65 Week Thirty-Five August 13, 2007

Rear shroud and boot lid. Jeremy returned from vacation and painted the rear shroud and boot lid. I picked them up and they do look beautiful. I am reminded of that feeling I had when he unloaded the frame and superstructure from his trailer at the house. I am afraid to touch anything for fear […]

Chapter 64 Week Thirty-Four August 6, 2007

Still waiting!

Chapter 63 Week Thirty-Three July 30, 2007

Jack Harper’s Work on the engine rebuild continues and I wait.

Chapter 62 Week Thirty-Two July 23, 2007

Jack Harper has gotten to work on the engine. The crank is in and the Denis Welch rear oil seal kit has been installed. The block, timing gear cover and other assorted parts have been painted the metallic green standard for all later Healeys. Jack is installing new Hepolite pistons, 40 thousands over. All new […]

Chapter 61 Week Thirty-One July 16, 2007

Waiting. Still waiting. Jack Harper from Coach Works called on Wednesday, July 18 to say that he finally had the block from the machine shop!! This is a red-letter day. Jack indicated that he will start assembly on Monday. I will take all the bits-n-pieces to him so that he is ready to start work. […]

Chapter 60 Week Thirty July 9, 2007

Chapter 59 Week Twenty-Nine 7/2/2007

I am waiting on the completion of the engine rebuild and I recalled that Tracy Drummond had fabricated a little stowage bin to fit into the frame lightening hole on the right firewall support. He made his from fiberglass and used a tobacco can as the mold. I decided to try my hand at it, […]

Chapter 70 Week Forty September 17, 2007

With a little help from a work colleague, my wife and an engine hoist I was able to get the motor with bell housing into the car without one scratch or knick in the paint! We took our time and patience paid off. I tightened down the engine mounts and then put a short jack […]

Chapter 69 Assembly Week Thirty-Nine September 10, 2007

The next job to be tackled was the installation of the rivets for the rear shroud to the frame. There are 19 aluminum flush face rivets for the lower lip of the car and another 13 rivets that attach the shroud to the rear boot frame rail. First, I put a healthy bead of 3M […]

Chapter 68 Week Thirty-Eight September 3, 2007

Since I am using rally bumpers on the “Bloody Beast” rather than the standard rear bumper, I needed to develop a custom rear license plate bracket. I combined the stock bracket with a later BJ8 bracket that provides a space for the Lucas license plate lamp. All of this was a little heavy to hang […]

Chapter 67 Week Thirty-Seven August 27, 2007

I cleaned up the Toyota W57 5 speed gearbox that I will be using with my Smitty conversion kit and painted it. Attaching the Smitty bellhousing makes it easy to stand the gearbox on end to clean and paint. I used some 3M black rope caulk to seal the edges of the windscreen frame and […]

Chapter 36 Restoration Assembly, Week Three 1/1/2007

The New Year itself began with attention turning to the front suspension of the Bloody Beast. The first step was the assembly of the swivel axles. Bruce Phillips at Healey Surgeons rebushed and reamed the axles for me and supplied new swivel or “king” pins.  I then applied a light coating of moly to the pin […]

Chapter 35 Restoration Assembly, Week Two 12/24/2006

Because of family schedules we celebrated Christmas (gift giving) on Christmas Eve this year, so Monday, Christmas afternoon was devoted to garage work on the Healey. I continued with the installation of the Dynamat Extreme and finished the right side pedal assembly box. I will wait until a little later to finish the dynamat in […]

Chapter 46 Restoration Assembly, Week Sixteen 4/2/2007

Ah, yes! Finally back to some Healey work. I had planned to use an amplifier mounted under the parcel shelf, bookcase speakers behind the dash fascia, and a small subwoofer in the boot for my sound system. No radio needed, just planned to plug my iPod into the amp. Roger( AUSMHLY) on the British Car […]

Chapter 42 Restoration Assembly, Week Nine 2/12/2007

I began the wiring of the dash instruments, gauges and switches with the water temperature and oil pressure gauge and moved across the face of the dash from left to right with the exception of the speedometer and tachometer which were left until the end. The openings for these two instruments provide access to the […]

Chapter 45 Restoration Assembly, Weeks 12-15 3/5 to 4/2, 2007

Due to some international travel and other work commitments no restoration work was accomplished for almost four weeks!