Entry 36 – Front Crossmember Suspension Assembly, Mounts,

Coil Springs

I purchased a 36” length of 1/2” acme threaded rod to use as a home-made coil spring compressor. I first cut the rod to a 31” length, but to be able to insert the rod into the center of the coil spring, the car would have to be jacked very high, so I decided to drop the front crossmember suspension assembly from the car. I could then remove the spring while the assembly rested on its side. Removal of the assembly is actually very easy and uncomplicated.

I had four jack stands under the car at the jacking points. I placed two of the car’s tires under the front suspension assembly so that if it did fall too quickly it would not hit the floor. I then placed my hydraulic floor jack under the center of the assembly. I then removed the bolts mounted horizontally through the frame that secured the rear of the assembly to the frame. I loosened and removed the 1/2” hex bolt and nylock nut that secured the steering universal joint to the steering box shaft. Finally, I removed two 1/2” hex bolts and nylock nuts from each of the forward frame mounts. With the help of my son, who held on to the side of the assembly that still had the coil spring and stub axle carrier, I gradually lowered the assembly onto the tires. I was then able to slide the assembly out from under the car.

Rear "V" Mount

Rear “V” Mount

Front Suspension Assembly

Front Suspension Assembly

Son with Deer, I Mean Front Suspension Assembly

Son with Deer, I Mean, Front Suspension Assembly

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