Bringing Home the MK2

MK II in the Burg

The MK 2 Arrives in Harrisonburg, VA

After picking up the Jag in Hebron, IN and a full day of traveling, we arrived in Harrisonburg late Saturday night on January 16, 2010. On the morning of the 17th my first step was to drive the car on the trailer to the car wash where I scrubbed it good. I then made my first purchase for the new acquisition – a battery. I was then able to start the car, drive it off the trailer and park it in my garage at Preston Lake. The silencers are completely rusted away so more exhaust was emerging from the sides of the car than out the tailpipe!

MKII Arrival 1

MK2 Arrival 

MKII Arrival 2

MK2 Arrival 

MKII Arrival 3

MK2 Arrival 

It was not long before it was very obvious that the car STINKS! I had not noticed it so much in the frigid temperatures, but after sitting for a few hours in a heated garage the odor became almost unbearable. I also noticed a mouse jump from a wire wheel to the floor of the garage. After capturing two mice who were surely hitchhikers from Indiana, I decided to move the car outdoors to the driveway where it will remain with a cover on it until I have a chance to strip the upholstered items and Lysol the interior.



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  1. Malcolm Dunnachie says:

    Hi, I came across you website yesterday and I must say you are doing a fantastic restoration on your Mk2,
    I have just started doing the same to my 61 3.8 Mk2 and I am just about finished stripping all components off the shell. I must say it looked very hard work stripping all the underseal and paint the way you did it so well done for that.I am lucky that here in the UK we have a company that will fully submerse the shell to remove all coatings and rust etc then it gets electrophospheric coating dipped after you have done all your welding repairs.

    I am thinking of gunmetal grey with red leather, do you have any pictures of yours finished?


    • valv8988 says:

      Hi Malcolm,
      Sorry for the delayed response. My car is not finished so I am unable to show any final photos. I think the gunmetal grey with red leather is a beautiful combination. Post some images when you have them. Do you have a website?


  2. Malcolm Dunnachie says:

    Hi Lin,
    Sorry I don’t have a website set up yet,
    I will upload some pictures to photo bucket and send you a link.
    My biggest task is that a tree fell through the garage roof that the car was stored in and damaged the car roof very badly however I am going to attempt to repair it rather than replace with another roof.
    I have made a hand held version of an English wheel to try and get it back without using filler but that will begin when it has all been paint stripped so I can wheel it properly,
    That’s the plan anyway, fingers crossed.

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