Exhaust System


The Original Exhaust System

The exhaust system consisted of two exhaust manifolds connected to the silencer by two downpipes ending with flex tubing. A dual tailpipe assembly was used exiting on the left rear of the vehicle.

Exhaust System Modifications

I replaced the standard exhaust system with a Phoenix Big Bore 2″ stainless steel exhaust pipe, silencer, and long branch headers. The headers were Jet-Hot ceramic thermal coated to keep them looking good and to reduce heat.

The system consists of the clutch, gearbox, overdrive, and propshaft. The original driveline system included the following:   Clutch: 10” Borg and Beck hydraulic Gearbox: “side-shift” 4 speed Overdrive: Laycock de Normanville electric Propshaft: Hardy Spicer universal joints Flywheel: 28 lb.

Jet-Hot Headers

Phoenix Headers

Phoenix Headers

Phoenix Headers Installed

Phoenix Headers Installed

I used flexible stainless pipe to link the headers to the silencer.

Flex Pipes

Flex Pipes

2" Big Bore Stainless Pipes

2″ Big Bore Stainless Pipes


4 Responses to “Exhaust System”

  1. Steve says:

    I just been perusing your website… not the first time. And found this helpful for my current headers project.

    I also noted that there wasn’t any mention of engine direction on the MKII plans.


  2. Steve says:

    Maybe some warm-ups?….like efi?

    • valv8988 says:

      I had hoped that a vendor might have a ready made EFI kit for the XK engine – seems a natural given that it is ubiquitous across models – but I have not come across anything yet. People who desire EFI just pull the original motor and then install a later variant that had EFI. I dont want to do that. I will keep looking. Rick is just too far away to ask him to consider it.


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