The Bloody Beast “To-Do” List

Rear Disc Brakes

Silicone Valve Cover Seals

Caliper Modification

I have never been pleased with the fit of the rear brake rotors with the handbrake calipers. Steve Gerow ran into the same problem – the diameter of the rotor is about 1/4″ to great to fit the calipers properly. I like how he “fixed” the problem and when I have time I think I will take the same approach.

The Problem - Handbrake Needs to Be Modified

The Problem – Handbrake Needs to Be Modified

The fix - grind the housing back about .0275" and add washer stack

The fix – grind the housing back about .0275″ and add washer stack



Proportioning Valve

While I do not have a significant problem with the front/rear proportioning of the brakes after installing the rear disc system, some slight modification might yield a little improvement. Steve Gerow used a proportioning valve that provides the answer to optimal tuning. This is how he mounted his valve:

Proportioning Valve

Proportioning Valve


“Stock brake pipe wasn’t long enough; I cut and reflared it near the motor mount.

New line shown in photo was attached with a connector.”

“Adjustment – method was suggested with the car on jackstands:
to have an assistant lightly gradually apply the brakes while hand-turning a front and back wheel. Start with 7 turns on adjuster; adjust to the point where front brakes just locked and rears braking but still moveable.”

Valve Installed

Valve Installed















Ignition Modification

The Big Fat Spark

A supplementary device that I may try with the 123 distributor is a product called the Big Fat Spark.

Claimed advantages are a strong, big-energy ignition spark with better cold start performance, better acceleration and flexibility performance, cleaner combustion gasses and increased efficiency with no excess consumption.

Big Fat Spark

Big Fat Spark

Steering Box Upgrade

At some point I would like to install new components form Denis/Welch. There is a question about standard versus high ratio.

Magnus Karlsson recommends the high ratio:

Go for the high ratio and tell your mechanic to look at my homepage. There you can see a modification I do in order to fit a modern and bigger oil seal to
the outgoing shaft of the steering  box. Makes it absolutely leak free and you
can use hypoid oil as intended.

Magnus Karlsson

Tuning HD8 Carbs

This paper was put together by Steve Byers:

Adjustment of the HD8 Carburetor

Adjustment of the HD8 Carburetor

Modifying the Bugeye Bumpers for the Beast

I have attached photos of the mods made to the front and rear pieces from
Cape International. I am sending them in 2 emails to allow full resolution
details. The rear bumperette photos have the most detail with measurements.
If you look close you can see the pencil marks on the rear piece were the 1
3/8″ was cut out. The photo of the front driving light mounts show the angle
change needed to get them to set horizontal to the ground. I bolted the
front bolts in place on the frame and you can see the angle change needed to
install the rear bolt. Once again Linda and I enjoyed meeting you both and
who knows if there will be another Healey in our future but if you are down
Tampa way be sure and stop by….Ron 321-278-4973….

Rally Car mods 003












Rally Car mods 004











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