Video of the Factory Assembly of the MK2

21 1964 jaguar mk2 production line on obsessionistasVideo of the Factory Assembly of the MK2

4 Responses to “Video of the Factory Assembly of the MK2”

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Lin, Thanks for posting this. As I was pulling my car apart I often wondered about how they were built, especially the interiors. They sure didn’t pay much attention to worker safety in those days. Cheers

    • valv8988 says:

      You are correct about worker safety! I like the segment in the video in which they have the front and rear suspension, propshaft, and engine in a jig and drop the body down onto it. Wish I could do it that way!

  2. Mike Freeman says:

    How do I see the video? Really would be interesting to me but when I click on the image or link I only get a picture and no video?

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