ValveChatter Update August 2018

I want to update ValveChatter readers regarding several “life changes” that have occurred which  will have an influence on this site and on future posts. 

My wife and I have relocated from Virginia to Florida. As most retirees do, we “downsized.” In our case it didn’t just mean fewer square feet in the living quarters, it also meant loss of garage/workshop space. Adjusting to the smaller garage/shop has been much more difficult than getting use to a smaller home! I still have a lift in garage so that I can stack two cars and also have a daily driver under shelter, but work space has been reduced considerably. The big air compressor, media blast box and lots of parts storage are all gone now.

The Bugeye which was a father/son project has departed the fold and is now full-time with my son in Fort Lauderdale. It was a very difficult decision, but I decided to sell the unfinished Jaguar MK2 project before we left Virginia. It was sold to Mike Gassman of Gassman Automotive in Waynesboro, VA. Mike will finish the car as he has time in his busy shop. If you have an interest I would recommend contacting Mike. He does great work and is a real professional. As readers of the site will remember, Mike and his team rebuilt the MK2 engine and also set up the rear differential. I had sold the 1969 MB 280 SL last summer so it had already departed the stable.

I am now left with my first love – The Bloody Beast – a 1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI, the 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S, and the 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider that was passed down from my Dad to me. The Healey and the Porsche are in their new home with us. The Alfa doesn’t yet have a home and it is temporarily in Virginia but will be coming South.

I removed ValveChatter references to the 280SL when I sold the car, but I am going to leave the Jaguar MK2 and the 1959 Bugeye material on the website. Last month the site went over 300,000 views and that statistic plus the number of you that I hear from suggests that quite a few people are using the site for reference material so I hate to take it down – at least for now.

So, that is the recent news as of August 2018. My attention now turns to the Healey. I hope that some of you who are interested will follow the “ten-year” renewal project with the Healey and I hope that you will contribute as well.



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  1. Kjell Johansson says:

    Aha explains some months of silence regarding the Jaguar. A bit sad, I loved to read about the Jaguar restoration and hoped to read the final steps. Its the walk of life, I recently retired too. Downsized and lost my garage completly but managed to find a spacy workshop to share with 5 other hobbyrestorers about 15 min cardrive from home. I hope you will find yourself at home in your new environment and all the best.


  2. Eric Kriss says:

    Please NEVER take your terrific Jaguar MK2 site down!!! It’s a resource for the ages.

    • valv8988 says:

      You are too kind, Eric, but thank you. I am enjoying keeping up with your XJ6 restomod project through your own website. Hopefully we will have a chance to touch base this winter.

  3. Phil says:

    Hi Lin,
    The other morning we were followed down the road by a bright red Big Healey, with the top down even though we are still officially in winter. A beautiful car!
    I want to thank you for the fantastic work and blog on your Jag, and I’m sure its gone to a good home. I use your site all the time, as I know others do as well, so thanks for the decision to leave it up.
    Cheers, and I’ll be following the adventures with the Healey, Phil

    • valv8988 says:

      Those Healeys get around don’t they Phil? You are more than welcome for any helpful insights I may have provided on the website. You are certainly carrying on the effort. I look forward to reading the updates regarding your own restoration progress. All the best!

  4. Mick Nordquist says:

    I want to wish you the best in your new home and thank you for all of the help you gave me over the 6 years of my Healey restoration Your websites were an immense source of information, too. As you know, I recently sold the Healey and have used the money to remodel our kitchen and add on a breakfast room and deck. Our electric power goes off quite often so I had a generator installed as well. We are just about done and both Janine and I are very pleased with the work but I miss having a classic British car project underway.I had plans to build a garage and create my dream workshop but sadly, I had to give that up, too.If I can convince Janine, I may go ahead and get the E-TypeJag I showed you. Again, best wishes for a wonderful new life in Florida! Mick

  5. Matthias Vogler says:

    Dear Lin,
    I want to thank Your for the excellent site with many valuable informations for MK2 restorers.
    I am restoring a MK2 3,8 build in 1961 together with my son and last week the body came back from the paintshop, painted in the opalescent gunmetal grey and it looks wonderfull. I think this is the colour of the MK2 bonnet on Your website. Before we had to do much bodyworks and we are happy that we can put the parts together now.
    I hope You and Your wife can enjoy your new life in Floida and wish You all the best.
    We would be very happy if your site will remain online. It is really what Eric Kriss wrote, a resouce for ages.

  6. valv8988 says:

    Thank you for your very kind comment! I am so pleased to hear that the site has been helpful, to you. I plan to keep the site up and active for some time to come. Good luck with your restoration. You have already come such a long way. Now the fun part begins! Great that you are doing the project with your son.

    All the best.

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