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Accelerator Pedal Assembly

Accelerator Pedal Assembly The accelerator pedal assembly was in good shape. I replaced the rubber pad on the accelerator pedal with a new one. I left the set screw restricting the pedal travel as it was found, as well as the two felt washers located at each side of the pedal boss. The bracket assembly […]

Entry 29 – Bumper Brackets, Brake Servo Cowl, Reservac, Master Cylinder,Pedal, Fuel Line, Brake Line, Flasher Arm, Air Distributor Box,

Harness Fastener & Clip

Bumper Brackets With an away football game at Villanova, I devoted the day to the Jaguar once again. I began by removing the LH and RH outer front bumper brackets. Each was secured by two 5/8” hex head bolts into welded nuts on the frame. I then removed the LH and RH Inner Brackets, again […]