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Battery Relocation to the Boot

Battery Relocation to the Boot Installing the RetroAir air conditioning kit requires the relocation of the battery, and the most commonly used place is the shelf in the MK2 boot. The RetroAir kit provided a plastic battery box, battery cable and various connectors, but I chose to “upgrade” the kits components. Battery Cable Lugs First […]

Electrical System

Lucas Driving Lights

The Original¬†Electrical System ¬†The electricals were a 12 volt positive ground Lucas system. The battery with an interrupt switch was located in the boot. The system consisted of the following: Fuel pump: SU AUA72 Voltage Regulator: Lucas Type 106/2 Single Fuse Box: Lucas Type FS6 with 50 and 35 amp fuses Electric Overdrive: Laycock de […]

Entry 27 – Tack Strips, Wiper Assembly, Battery, Solenoid, Bonnet Cable, Firewall

LH Wiper Post

Today is my birthday and I have taken the day off from work and devoted it to the Jaguar. I began by stripping more trim from the front RH side of the interior. As with the LH side, there was a section of red vinyl to remove, and behind the vinyl was a small triangle […]