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Chapter 13 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

March 22, 2003 Rear Seats  The rear seat pans were very rusty and pitted to some degree, but given that they are completely covered by upholstery we decided to reuse them. The bottom exposed side of the seats was painted with a rubberized undercoating paint.  May 16, 2003 Canadian Delivery!  Martin Jansen delivered the healey […]

Body Panels and Trim

Steering Wheel Shaft & Dip Switch Blanking Plates

Body Panels and Trim Cover and Blanking Plates Of course, there are many large and small components that comprise the finished body of the MK2. The clean-up and preparation of the body and its primary parts is addressed in the “Body Prep” post. However, I have also begun to prepare some of the smaller components […]

Body Prep

Front Cross Member Cleaned

Removing Grease, Grime and Rust On the Jaguar project, I am trying to keep the cost down by doing much of the work myself rather than just handing the car off to a shop to restore. Unfortunately, that means removing years of grease and dirt without many of the tools that you might find in […]