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Entry 27 – Tack Strips, Wiper Assembly, Battery, Solenoid, Bonnet Cable, Firewall

LH Wiper Post

Today is my birthday and I have taken the day off from work and devoted it to the Jaguar. I began by stripping more trim from the front RH side of the interior. As with the LH side, there was a section of red vinyl to remove, and behind the vinyl was a small triangle […]

Entry 18 – Bumpers, Bonnet, Engine, Radiator

Rear Bumper Assembly

Rear Bumper I was looking forward to the continuation of dismantling “Stinky” this weekend as I would be finishing up the body trim with the removal of the rear bumper and would finally begin to address the engine compartment on the way to the engine removal. I discovered that either the previous owner or the […]

Entry 14 – Bonnet, Chrome Trim, Number Plate

Bonnet and Chrome Trim

Bonnet and Chrome Trim I reached the point where I needed a change of pace, so I decided to move to the exterior of the car to begin stripping various chrome trim pieces from the car. I began with the removal of the Chrome Bead on the LH side of the Bonnet. Staples, or clips with bendable tabs, […]