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Spare Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover To dress-up the appearance of the boot and to provide a clean surface when carrying clothes or luggage, I had a carpet cover made for my spare tire using carpet to match the interior of The Bloody Beast.Under the cover I still have the leather harness/belt to tie down the tire.

Luggage Rack Lexan Boot Lid Shield

Luggage Rack Shield in Place

Boot Lid Shield I have a Cape International luggage rack on “The Bloody Beast” and I am very pleased with its looks and functionality. One of the features I like best is how closely the rack “hugs” the contours of the boot lid; however, the curvature of the boot lid makes it quite possible for items carried […]

Entry 17 – Chrome Body Bead, Boot Carpet Snaps

Chrome Bead for Front Door

Chrome Body Bead and Trim I was able to get a few hours in on “Stinky” on Sunday, the first of August. I began by removing the front door chrome bead and the rear door chrome bead on both the LH and RH sides of the car. The finished (closed) edges of the beads go […]

Entry – 15 Boot Wiring, Tail Lights, Spare Tire & Headlamps

Wiring in The Boot

Wiring in the Boot The wiring enters the boot on both the LH and RH sides of the boot at the top of the rear wheel arches. The harness actually travels through the left and right hand sills and emerges at the base of the rear door sills through a large rubber grommet. Wires then […]