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280SL Maintenance

280SL Maintenance March 2017 27,320 miles on the odometer Front Shock Absorbers The front end on my car seemed to “rebound” a little more than it should so I decided to replace the front shocks. The rear shocks seemed fine. Most folks on the Pagoda Forum favor sticking with Bilstein shocks which were original equipment […]


Bumpers Front Bumper The front bumper is secured to the frame with two inner and two outer brackets and two angle brackets at the ends of the bumper. I media blasted these brackets and painted them with POR-15. The bumpers were straightened and chromed. The over riders had some small dents. They were repaired and […]

Body and Brightwork

Ferrari Rosso Corsa

Original Body and Brightwork Numerous color combinations were available Bodies and frames were painted by Jensen. My BT7 L4422 was prepared in a lacquer Colorado Red with black coves. Front and rear (tonneau assembly) shrouds were made of aluminum alloy, while the wings, doors, bonnet and boot lid were fabricated in steel. These components […]

Entry 29 – Bumper Brackets, Brake Servo Cowl, Reservac, Master Cylinder,Pedal, Fuel Line, Brake Line, Flasher Arm, Air Distributor Box,

Harness Fastener & Clip

Bumper Brackets With an away football game at Villanova, I devoted the day to the Jaguar once again. I began by removing the LH and RH outer front bumper brackets. Each was secured by two 5/8” hex head bolts into welded nuts on the frame. I then removed the LH and RH Inner Brackets, again […]

Entry 18 – Bumpers, Bonnet, Engine, Radiator

Rear Bumper Assembly

Rear Bumper I was looking forward to the continuation of dismantling “Stinky” this weekend as I would be finishing up the body trim with the removal of the rear bumper and would finally begin to address the engine compartment on the way to the engine removal. I discovered that either the previous owner or the […]

Entry 16 – Headlamps, Fograngers, Flashers, Bumpers, and Horns

Headlamp Schematic

Headlamps After a week of vacation at the beach, I was ready for a day with “Stinky.” I began with the removal of the RH Headlamp Complete. As with the LH lamp, I removed the chrome slotted self tapping screw from the bottom of the chrome Outer Rim. One can then “pop” off the rim […]