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Entry 22 – Carburetters, Fuel Pipe, Air Intake, Auxiliary Carb, Oil Pressure Gauge

Carbs sans air intake

Carburetters and Throttle Linkage The session’s work began with the removal of the feed pipe assembly, linking carburetters and petrol filter. To do so I removed the banjo bolts, fibre washers and brass cup filters from each end of the pipe. The two throttle return springs, Throttle return spring on lever from front carburetter to […]

Engine Clean-up and Reinstall

Engine Install

One of the things I wanted to accomplish with the engine clean-up was to have the  exhaust header coated to reduce heat in the engine compartment and interior. I used Swain Coatings. The header came back looking great. Time will tell if the coating holds up and is effective in reducing heat. I also did […]

Pulling the Engine for Minor Repairs

July 2006 Bugeye

It is time to fix some of the problems we have lived with for a while and to make a few improvements. The oil leak we caused when we failed to seal the oil sump properly, the gear grinding in 2nd and 3rdin the gearbox, jet coating the headers among other things will improve the […]