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Bugeye Maintenance

Maintenance Well I had good intentions, but this is woefully out of date. I will try to catch it up soon! I have not been keeping my maintenance of “The Bugeye” in my website/blog, but I will begin today! June 29, 2013  Removed the K&N air filters, cleaned them both and sprayed with K&N dust […]


Aluminum Radiator

Managing the heat generated by the operating engine, whether in the engine itself, in the engine bay, or in the interior is an issue in the Big Healey. What may not have been an issue in more temperate Great Britain, is a different story in the U.S. Over the years Healey owners have gotten progressively […]

Coolant Recovery System

July 2006 Bugeye

Coolant Recovery System To help with water temperature cooling we decided to add a coolant recovery tank. Purchased a tank from Cape International. Installed it on the left front inner fender in the engine compartment. A new clear hose was used to connect the radiator to the coolant tank and the original drain hose was […]