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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning the Mk2 is not an easy task. The primary problem is lack of space. The engine bay is already crowded and adding a compressor, hoses, condenser and related hardware is a challenge and then one must find a place for the evaporator. Jaguar had dealers install the evaporators in the boot with cool […]

Interior Lights

Conversion to LED lights The Jaguar Mk2 and all other cars of the period used incandescent bulbs in the interior fixtures and gauges. In my restoration I intend to replace most if not all incandescent lights with light emitting diodes or as they are more commonly referred to: LEDs.  LEDs live longer, use considerably less power, […]


Dash Components Air Distributor Box Details on the box which sits below the dash can be found under the Heater post: Mounting Bracket for Radio Control Panel This bracket shares the mounting bolts with the air distributor box, and mounts behind and above it. Instrument Panel Assembly While the speedometer and tachometer are placed directly […]

Entry 53 – Fascia, Demister Nozzles

LH Fascia Board

While waiting on the cad plating of original fasteners so that I might assemble the front suspension assembly and its components, I decided to begin some random clean-up (blasting, priming and painting) of various parts. I did this in no particular order, other than by the tubs of parts stored together in the same container. […]

Entry 26 – Cubby Box, Mounting Brackets and Hinges

Cubby Box Door

I had a little time on Wednesday evening so I took the opportunity to disassemble the Cubby Box from the RH Fascia Board Assembly. I removed 8 wood screws that secure the fibre board cubby box to the RH facia board. Next I removed the sliding Stop Plate Assembly from the door and the facia […]

Entry 25 – Garage, Instruments, Gauges, Wiring, Steering Cover, Cubby Box

Car in Garage

This was a significant day in the tear down of the Jag. I no longer call her “Stinky.” I concluded that I have now removed enough of the car that it no longer smells so bad that I cannot keep it in the garage. So, I put down a tarp and rolled the Jag into […]