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Entry 48 – Door Trim & Felt, Door Filler Piece, Door Handle, Door Lock, Door Remote Control

LH Front Striker

Door Trim and Felt Today I finished dismantling the components of the LH front door. This included removing the outside felt in the window rail. The felt was held in place by four metal clips secured to the door. The felt was positioned 1 1/2” from the LH side of the door frame. The remains […]

Entry 8 – Door Panel Removal

Cap Rail 3 Screws

Door Casings and Panels Sunday and Monday were beautiful days, almost reaching 60 degrees in the Shenandoah Valley! Not bad for early March. I used part of each day to continue my disassembly of the interior components of “Stinky.” I will change the name once the car is stripped, but for now, “Stinky” is simply […]