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Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows Door Hinges I decided against removing the hinge pins to “restore” the hinges. All the hinges were free moving but nice and tight with no discernible excess play. The door side of the hinge is aluminum while the body pillar side of the hinge is unpainted steel. It appeared that the hinges were […]

Body Fittings

Body Fittings Finishers on “A” Posts The original finishers were in excellent condition. I had both rechromed for the project. Though two of the tabs have holes in them as if for screws, no screws are used for installation. The tabs are tightly bent over the posts and the finishers are glued to the post. Finishers […]

Entry 50 – Door Seals, Rubber Door Buffers

LH B-C Post Door Seals

Door Seals March 11, 2011 is a significant day, for it was the day that I finished disassembling the MKII! After removing a few rubber door seals, I was able to afix my home made car trollies to the frame of the car so that it could be moved around the garage and onto a […]

Entry 48 – Door Trim & Felt, Door Filler Piece, Door Handle, Door Lock, Door Remote Control

LH Front Striker

Door Trim and Felt Today I finished dismantling the components of the LH front door. This included removing the outside felt in the window rail. The felt was held in place by four metal clips secured to the door. The felt was positioned 1 1/2” from the LH side of the door frame. The remains […]

Entry 12 – Door Seals, Trim and Wood

Scuttle Top Casing

Wood Trim After what seems like months since I have worked on “Stinky,” I was able to devote most of a Saturday and Sunday to the continuing process of stripping the interior of the MKII. Pulling (tacks, nails and staples) and scraping are not two of my favorite jobs in car restoration, but they are essential […]

Entry 11 – Rubber Tack Strip Removal

Tack Strip at Bottom of B/C Post

Rubber Tack Strips I got in a few hours on “Stinky” today. Current work involves the tedious removal of the rubber tack strips from the interior. I began with the RH rear door for no particular reason. I tried drilling out thetacks when I couldn’t get pliers under them, but that wasn’t particularly successful. I […]

Entry 9 – Furflex, Upholstery and Interior Lamps

Rear Wheel Arch Casings

Furflex Trim and Tack Strips It was 70 degrees today and while it would have been a great day for the golf course, I spent a good part of the day continuing the dismantling of “Stinky.” I began by removing the furflex trim around the LH rear wheel arch. The furflex was one piece from […]