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Exhaust System

  Exhaust System Components The primary components of the system include  front and rear downpipes, a twin silencer assembly (one piece), and a twin tailpipe assembly (also one piece). Copper sealing rings are used to join together the downpipes and the exhaust manifolds. A series of clamps are used to secure the components to one […]

Entry 43 – Fuel Pump, Exhaust Heat Shields, Fuel Pipe, Pipe Clips, Rubber Grommets, Exhaust Hangers

Fuel Pump Removed

Exhaust Heat Shields Not too many things remain to be done to have the Jag completely disassembled. Today I began my work by removing the exhaust heats shields from the undercarriage of the car. The heat shields are in three pieces. The first piece is held in place with 4 hex head bolts. Once the […]