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New Wiring Harness Circuits

Power Inputs to the Classic Technologies’ Relay/Fuse Panel The Classic Technologies Panel has four primary connections. A – 12V power input from the small fuse box (battery B+) to power the accessories circuits. A brown 12 AWG wire is used to the Yellow screw terminal spade lug connection. B – 12V power input from the […]

Entry 16 – Headlamps, Fograngers, Flashers, Bumpers, and Horns

Headlamp Schematic

Headlamps After a week of vacation at the beach, I was ready for a day with “Stinky.” I began with the removal of the RH Headlamp Complete. As with the LH lamp, I removed the chrome slotted self tapping screw from the bottom of the chrome Outer Rim. One can then “pop” off the rim […]