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Fuel System

Petrol Filter

Petrol Filter AC supplied the fuel filtration device for the Jaguar. My early version includes a filtration screen, but newer versions have a paper filter in the bowl. The filter is bolted to a mounting bracket with two 5/16″ – 24 x 3/4″ hex head bolts, split washers and hex nuts. The bracket and filter […]

Fuel System

Fuel Pump and Fuel Lines

The Original Fuel System The fuel system consists of the fuel tank, the fuel pump, the carburetters and the air cleaners. The original fuel system included the following: Fuel tank: 14.4 U.S. gallon steel tank Fuel pump: SU electric Carburetters: Twin 1 3/4” semi-downdraft HD6 Air Cleaners: Coopers “pancake” type.  Modified Fuel System Aluminum Fuel […]

New Tires & Fuel Pump

John's Bugeye at Massanutten

I am a little late recording this, but in September 2010 the Bugeye’s shoes were replaced. While the tread on the Wynstar tires looked just fine, they were over eight years old, so for safety sake it was time to replace them. The same tire was no longer available, so the Bugeye now has some […]

Entry 43 – Fuel Pump, Exhaust Heat Shields, Fuel Pipe, Pipe Clips, Rubber Grommets, Exhaust Hangers

Fuel Pump Removed

Exhaust Heat Shields Not too many things remain to be done to have the Jag completely disassembled. Today I began my work by removing the exhaust heats shields from the undercarriage of the car. The heat shields are in three pieces. The first piece is held in place with 4 hex head bolts. Once the […]

Entry 30 – Wiring, Fuel Pump, Throttle Shaft, Insulation

Fuel Pump Ground Wiring

Radio Antenna I had a few hours on Saturday morning to devote to the the cat in the garage. I picked up where I left off which was with the continued removal of the radio antenna crank mechanism. Since the antenna itself is hard to get to and I won’t try to remove it until […]

Engine Clean-up and Reinstall

Engine Install

One of the things I wanted to accomplish with the engine clean-up was to have the  exhaust header coated to reduce heat in the engine compartment and interior. I used Swain Coatings. The header came back looking great. Time will tell if the coating holds up and is effective in reducing heat. I also did […]

Road Worthy

Road Worthy

Installed engine and transmission. Reverse of removal process. Unfortunately we got the engine mounts reversed and backwards which resulted in weeks of frustration in seating the engine. Finally with a little outside help we corrected the problem and the engine went in like a charm. It did require a little beating with a hammer on […]