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Introduction I took my Universal Laminations hardtop apart in 1977 and, of course, intended to completely restore it to original standard at the time. This did not happen and it sat disassembled until I began to undertake the complete restoration of my car in 2001. We all know that it is best to take things […]

Entry 13 – Backlight, Windscreen

Rear Windscreen

Backlight and Chrome Trim The July 4 long weekend was dedicated to working on “Stinky,” and I got quite a bit done! I began my work with the the removal of the Backlight Glass. This turned out to be a fairly easy task. I began by prying off the Upper Joint Piece for Chromium Finisher […]

Entry 12 – Door Seals, Trim and Wood

Scuttle Top Casing

Wood Trim After what seems like months since I have worked on “Stinky,” I was able to devote most of a Saturday and Sunday to the continuing process of stripping the interior of the MKII. Pulling (tacks, nails and staples) and scraping are not two of my favorite jobs in car restoration, but they are essential […]

Entry 9 – Furflex, Upholstery and Interior Lamps

Rear Wheel Arch Casings

Furflex Trim and Tack Strips It was 70 degrees today and while it would have been a great day for the golf course, I spent a good part of the day continuing the dismantling of “Stinky.” I began by removing the furflex trim around the LH rear wheel arch. The furflex was one piece from […]