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Front Suspension

Working on the front suspension of the Mark 2 is made easy for the hobbyist, because it is possible to completely reassemble the front suspension apart from the vehicle and then “offer it up” to the frame of the car with a jack or two. It is certainly more convenient to assemble the components on […]

Rear Suspension

Front & Center Leaf Spring Mounting Plates

Rear Suspension The MK2 rear suspension is a live axle leaf spring design utilizing bonded rubber bushings and pads. Torque arms with bonded rubber bushes at each end fit between brackets welded to the top of the axle and to a body cross-member at the back of the rear seat panel. Lateral location of the […]

Entry 34 – Front Suspension, Hydraulic Dampers, Coil Springs

Front Suspension Schematic

I devoted more time today to dismantling the front suspension. Front Dampers I removed the hydraulic dampers from the LH and RH sides of the front suspension assembly. Removal involved the upper nut and locking nut on the damper at its top. The upper outer washer, rubber buffer and inner washer could then be lifted […]