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November 18, 2017 Clean up and Inspection

Saturday, November 18 was “clean up” day for the Carrera! It smelled a little musty (not damp, just closed up) from being stored. Apparently, that is how it had spent most of its life since 2007, as that was the last sticker on the Connecticut license plate. I first vacuumed everything then I shampooed the […]


Rear View Mirror The parts manual does not provide much information on the rear view mirror. The assembly apparently came from Lucas and was installed as an assembly. Perhaps there is Lucas documentation available someplace, but I did not find it. My original mirror was pretty dirty and the height adjustment post would not tighten […]

Rear Luggage/Parcel Shelf

Luggage/Parcel Shelf Image 5

Luggage/Parcel Shelf This is a pdf file of the assembly plans for the luggage/parcel shelf, followed by several images of the assembly process: BT7 Parcel Shelf         zz


Austin Healey 3000

Original Interior The original interior was medium red with black piping using leather and matching “leathercloth” vinyl. Carpet was also red and black armacord finished the boot interior. An adjustable plastic 16 1/2” steering wheel was standard. Interior Modifications Upholstery and Carpet The interior finish materials were supplied by Heritage Trim. While somewhat expensive and […]

Entry 53 – Fascia, Demister Nozzles

LH Fascia Board

While waiting on the cad plating of original fasteners so that I might assemble the front suspension assembly and its components, I decided to begin some random clean-up (blasting, priming and painting) of various parts. I did this in no particular order, other than by the tubs of parts stored together in the same container. […]

Entry 25 – Garage, Instruments, Gauges, Wiring, Steering Cover, Cubby Box

Car in Garage

This was a significant day in the tear down of the Jag. I no longer call her “Stinky.” I concluded that I have now removed enough of the car that it no longer smells so bad that I cannot keep it in the garage. So, I put down a tarp and rolled the Jag into […]

Entry 12 – Door Seals, Trim and Wood

Scuttle Top Casing

Wood Trim After what seems like months since I have worked on “Stinky,” I was able to devote most of a Saturday and Sunday to the continuing process of stripping the interior of the MKII. Pulling (tacks, nails and staples) and scraping are not two of my favorite jobs in car restoration, but they are essential […]

Entry 11 – Rubber Tack Strip Removal

Tack Strip at Bottom of B/C Post

Rubber Tack Strips I got in a few hours on “Stinky” today. Current work involves the tedious removal of the rubber tack strips from the interior. I began with the RH rear door for no particular reason. I tried drilling out thetacks when I couldn’t get pliers under them, but that wasn’t particularly successful. I […]

Entry 9 – Furflex, Upholstery and Interior Lamps

Rear Wheel Arch Casings

Furflex Trim and Tack Strips It was 70 degrees today and while it would have been a great day for the golf course, I spent a good part of the day continuing the dismantling of “Stinky.” I began by removing the furflex trim around the LH rear wheel arch. The furflex was one piece from […]

Entry 8 – Door Panel Removal

Cap Rail 3 Screws

Door Casings and Panels Sunday and Monday were beautiful days, almost reaching 60 degrees in the Shenandoah Valley! Not bad for early March. I used part of each day to continue my disassembly of the interior components of “Stinky.” I will change the name once the car is stripped, but for now, “Stinky” is simply […]

Entry 7 – Center Console Removal


Center Console & Radio We saw sunshine again today so I got a few hours in on the Jaguar. I picked up where I left off on Saturday with more removal of nasty carpet, leather and vinyl. The first item was the removal of the console. This entailed moving the front seats all the way […]

Entry 6 – Carpet and Front Seat Removal

RH Front Kick Panel

Front Seat For the first time in almost a month we had sunshine and temperature above 40 degrees on the weekend. I still had to shovel a little snow to work around the car, but conditions were good enough to continue dismantling the interior. I had not had a chance to vacuum the rear seat […]

Entry 5 – Rear Seat Cushions and Frame

Rear Seat Frame

Rear Seat Platforms I got home a little early on Wednesday and it was warmer than usual and sunny, so I used the time to remove the seat upholstery and foam rubber from the seat cushion frames. The foam rubber was thrown away, the leather was saved for possible patterns later and the frames were […]

Entry 4 – Rear Seat Removal

Rear Upper Seat Cushion Removed

Rear Seat and Seat Belts During the course of the previous week I concluded that my first “restoration” task was going to be removing the interior upholstery, carpet and headliner to try to eliminate some of the nasty odor. I didn’t have much time as rain was moving in in the afternoon, but on Sunday […]