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Entry 44 – Boot Lid, Boot Seals, Boot Hinge, Boot Lock, Jack, Jack Clip, Spare Wheel Cover, Spare Wheel Clamp

LH Rubber Wiring Grommet

Boot Lid Assembly My next step was to remove the trunk lid assembly. The lid is supported by two large springs. I removed the four 1/2” hex bolts on each side that secured the lid to the hinges. The lid assembly could then be lifted away from the car. Several components needed to be removed […]

Entry – 15 Boot Wiring, Tail Lights, Spare Tire & Headlamps

Wiring in The Boot

Wiring in the Boot The wiring enters the boot on both the LH and RH sides of the boot at the top of the rear wheel arches. The harness actually travels through the left and right hand sills and emerges at the base of the rear door sills through a large rubber grommet. Wires then […]