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Entry 32 – Firewall, Brake Hoses, Anti-Roll Bar, Front Suspension, Steering Idler

ARB Bracket Spacer

Engine Bay I got to work early on Sunday morning. There were a few more odds and ends in the engine bay I took care of first including removing some fasteners I had left in the car when I disassembled other components. I also removed the sheet metal patch panel that the previous owner had […]

Entry 31 – Scuttle Vent, Screen, Seal, Spring Hinge, Control Lever

Scuttle Vent Door

Scuttle Ventilation Assembly Temperatures are starting to fall now and I am thankful that I have heat in the garage. I began this day by removing the scuttle ventilation screen. It is held in place with three phillips head screws. Unfortunately they were pretty rusty and the one on the LH side broke. With the […]

Entry 30 – Wiring, Fuel Pump, Throttle Shaft, Insulation

Fuel Pump Ground Wiring

Radio Antenna I had a few hours on Saturday morning to devote to the the cat in the garage. I picked up where I left off which was with the continued removal of the radio antenna crank mechanism. Since the antenna itself is hard to get to and I won’t try to remove it until […]

Entry 29 – Bumper Brackets, Brake Servo Cowl, Reservac, Master Cylinder,Pedal, Fuel Line, Brake Line, Flasher Arm, Air Distributor Box,

Harness Fastener & Clip

Bumper Brackets With an away football game at Villanova, I devoted the day to the Jaguar once again. I began by removing the LH and RH outer front bumper brackets. Each was secured by two 5/8” hex head bolts into welded nuts on the frame. I then removed the LH and RH Inner Brackets, again […]

Entry 28 – Engine Mounts, Brake Servo, Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder

Servo Slave Cylinder

Engine Mounts Today I removed some of the final items in the engine bay before having the area soda blasted. First I removed the two “biscuit” rubber engine mounts. Brake Lines I then started removing brake lines in the engine bay to ultimately remove the brake servo. First was to remove the short curved pipe […]

Entry 27 – Tack Strips, Wiper Assembly, Battery, Solenoid, Bonnet Cable, Firewall

LH Wiper Post

Today is my birthday and I have taken the day off from work and devoted it to the Jaguar. I began by stripping more trim from the front RH side of the interior. As with the LH side, there was a section of red vinyl to remove, and behind the vinyl was a small triangle […]

Entry 26 – Cubby Box, Mounting Brackets and Hinges

Cubby Box Door

I had a little time on Wednesday evening so I took the opportunity to disassemble the Cubby Box from the RH Fascia Board Assembly. I removed 8 wood screws that secure the fibre board cubby box to the RH facia board. Next I removed the sliding Stop Plate Assembly from the door and the facia […]

Entry 25 – Garage, Instruments, Gauges, Wiring, Steering Cover, Cubby Box

Car in Garage

This was a significant day in the tear down of the Jag. I no longer call her “Stinky.” I concluded that I have now removed enough of the car that it no longer smells so bad that I cannot keep it in the garage. So, I put down a tarp and rolled the Jag into […]

Entry 24 – Fuel Filter, Wiper Motor, Electrical Panel

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter I had a little time on Friday evening so I decided to remove a few more items from the engine bay, starting with the fuel filter. I first removed the fuel line’s 9/16” fitting and hard fuel line from the filter. Then I removed the fuel filter from the fuel filter bracket mounted […]

Entry 23 – Engine, Gearbox Cover, Wiring, Shift Lever

Engine Out!

Engine Pull Sunday was to be the day of the “Big Pull.” My younger son,Scott, arrived in the early afternoon to help me get the engine, gearbox and overdrive out of “Stinky.” Before he joined me, however, there were a few last minute items to take care of. First, I had ordered a device from […]

Entry 22 – Carburetters, Fuel Pipe, Air Intake, Auxiliary Carb, Oil Pressure Gauge

Carbs sans air intake

Carburetters and Throttle Linkage The session’s work began with the removal of the feed pipe assembly, linking carburetters and petrol filter. To do so I removed the banjo bolts, fibre washers and brass cup filters from each end of the pipe. The two throttle return springs, Throttle return spring on lever from front carburetter to […]

Entry 21- Heater, Engine, Exhaust Manifold, Throttle Linkage, Fuel Filter

Heater Box Removed

Heater Case Assembly Still on a mission to remove the heater case assembly, I loosened the clips holding the wiring harness around the heater to gain a little maneuvering room. In two cases, as the images show, the clips were secured with phillips head screws while the clip in the firewall was fastened with a […]

Entry 20 – Heater, Starter Solenoid, Fan

Heater Schematic

Heater Casing Assembly Although it is probably not necessary to remove the heater case assembly from the firewall in order to remove the engine, I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way. I first disconnected the heater wiring. There was one black ground wire with ring terminal screwed to the blower […]

Entry 19 – Exhaust, Propshaft, Oil Filter

Exhaust System Schematic

Exhaust System I took a few days off from work to attend “Encounter,” the annual meeting of the Austin Healey Sports and Touring Club, but decided at the last minute to devote the time to the continued dismantling of “Stinky” instead. My immediate objective is to get to the point of pulling the engine. My […]

Entry 18 – Bumpers, Bonnet, Engine, Radiator

Rear Bumper Assembly

Rear Bumper I was looking forward to the continuation of dismantling “Stinky” this weekend as I would be finishing up the body trim with the removal of the rear bumper and would finally begin to address the engine compartment on the way to the engine removal. I discovered that either the previous owner or the […]

Entry 17 – Chrome Body Bead, Boot Carpet Snaps

Chrome Bead for Front Door

Chrome Body Bead and Trim I was able to get a few hours in on “Stinky” on Sunday, the first of August. I began by removing the front door chrome bead and the rear door chrome bead on both the LH and RH sides of the car. The finished (closed) edges of the beads go […]

Entry 16 – Headlamps, Fograngers, Flashers, Bumpers, and Horns

Headlamp Schematic

Headlamps After a week of vacation at the beach, I was ready for a day with “Stinky.” I began with the removal of the RH Headlamp Complete. As with the LH lamp, I removed the chrome slotted self tapping screw from the bottom of the chrome Outer Rim. One can then “pop” off the rim […]

Entry – 15 Boot Wiring, Tail Lights, Spare Tire & Headlamps

Wiring in The Boot

Wiring in the Boot The wiring enters the boot on both the LH and RH sides of the boot at the top of the rear wheel arches. The harness actually travels through the left and right hand sills and emerges at the base of the rear door sills through a large rubber grommet. Wires then […]

Entry 14 – Bonnet, Chrome Trim, Number Plate

Bonnet and Chrome Trim

Bonnet and Chrome Trim I reached the point where I needed a change of pace, so I decided to move to the exterior of the car to begin stripping various chrome trim pieces from the car. I began with the removal of the Chrome Bead on the LH side of the Bonnet. Staples, or clips with bendable tabs, […]

Entry 13 – Backlight, Windscreen

Rear Windscreen

Backlight and Chrome Trim The July 4 long weekend was dedicated to working on “Stinky,” and I got quite a bit done! I began my work with the the removal of the Backlight Glass. This turned out to be a fairly easy task. I began by prying off the Upper Joint Piece for Chromium Finisher […]

Entry 12 – Door Seals, Trim and Wood

Scuttle Top Casing

Wood Trim After what seems like months since I have worked on “Stinky,” I was able to devote most of a Saturday and Sunday to the continuing process of stripping the interior of the MKII. Pulling (tacks, nails and staples) and scraping are not two of my favorite jobs in car restoration, but they are essential […]

Entry 11 – Rubber Tack Strip Removal

Tack Strip at Bottom of B/C Post

Rubber Tack Strips I got in a few hours on “Stinky” today. Current work involves the tedious removal of the rubber tack strips from the interior. I began with the RH rear door for no particular reason. I tried drilling out thetacks when I couldn’t get pliers under them, but that wasn’t particularly successful. I […]

Entry 10 – Furflex, Upholstery and Wood

Furflex Glued in Place

Furflex and Trim Panels It has been more than a month since I have even taken the cover off “Stinky.” Between a busy work schedule and a two week trip to Europe, the Jag had to wait. Today I did get just a few hours in on the interior dismantling before the rains came. Most […]

Entry 9 – Furflex, Upholstery and Interior Lamps

Rear Wheel Arch Casings

Furflex Trim and Tack Strips It was 70 degrees today and while it would have been a great day for the golf course, I spent a good part of the day continuing the dismantling of “Stinky.” I began by removing the furflex trim around the LH rear wheel arch. The furflex was one piece from […]