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Ten-Year Renewal Blog – last update 9/3/2019

  It has been approximately ten years since I wrapped up (if you ever really complete a restoration of a Healey) the restoration of the Bloody Beast. He has weathered the ten years quite well – better than me, that is for sure! I have taken good care of the Beast and completed periodic maintenance […]

August 25, 2018 Time for an Oil Change

Approximately six months have passed since the oil was changed when the IMS Solution was installed, so it is time for another oil change. The odometer reading is 7,904, or approximately 600 miles since the IMS Solution installation. Jack Raby, owner of Flat Six Innovations, recommends that the oil be changed and inspected every six […]

December 3, 2017 First Oil Change

It became very clear after reading about the problems with the IMS bearing, that one key to enhancing incident free operation of the Carrera S with the small single row bearing is to change the oil more frequently than Porsche recommended. Jack Raby, owner of Flat Six Innovations, recommends that the oil be changed and […]

Bloody Beast Maintenance

Maintenance October, 2014 –  Returning home from the Shenandoah Valley British Car Club show in Waynesboro, VA I noticed that the clutch pedal was slippery. Sure enough the seals in the master cylinder failed and I had some nasty brake fluid leaking from the cylinder. I removed both the brake and clutch masters figuring that […]

Engine Rebuild

Clean-up Before Rebuild I had thought about outsourcing the machine block cleaning and machine work and then rebuilding the engine myself, but thought better of it given time limitations and decided to go ahead and give the complete engine to Mike Gassman at Gassman Automotive for a soup to nuts rebuild. Mike and his team had […]

Bugeye Maintenance

Maintenance Well I had good intentions, but this is woefully out of date. I will try to catch it up soon! I have not been keeping my maintenance of “The Bugeye” in my website/blog, but I will begin today! June 29, 2013  Removed the K&N air filters, cleaned them both and sprayed with K&N dust […]

Entry 19 – Exhaust, Propshaft, Oil Filter

Exhaust System Schematic

Exhaust System I took a few days off from work to attend “Encounter,” the annual meeting of the Austin Healey Sports and Touring Club, but decided at the last minute to devote the time to the continued dismantling of “Stinky” instead. My immediate objective is to get to the point of pulling the engine. My […]

Engine Clean-up and Reinstall

Engine Install

One of the things I wanted to accomplish with the engine clean-up was to have the  exhaust header coated to reduce heat in the engine compartment and interior. I used Swain Coatings. The header came back looking great. Time will tell if the coating holds up and is effective in reducing heat. I also did […]