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Rear Suspension

Front & Center Leaf Spring Mounting Plates

Rear Suspension The MK2 rear suspension is a live axle leaf spring design utilizing bonded rubber bushings and pads. Torque arms with bonded rubber bushes at each end fit between brackets welded to the top of the axle and to a body cross-member at the back of the rear seat panel. Lateral location of the […]


The Original Front Suspension The front suspension used coil springs, a 5/8” anti-sway bar, rubber bushings and Armstrong lever shocks.  Front Suspension Modifications Tube Shocks I had the front shocks rebuilt by World Wide Auto Parts, but decided to install Bilstein Tube shocks supplied in Udo Putzke’s Fahrspass Tube Shock Kit. I ave been very pleased […]

Entry 41 – Rear Suspension, Rear Torque Arm, Leaf Spring, Spring Mounting Plates

Rear Torque Arm Assembly

Rear Leaf Springs and Torque Arms Today is the day to remove the rear suspension assembly leaf springs, but my first step was to get the LH and RH torque arms out of the way by removing them from their upper mounting brackets. This just involved loosening the hex bolt and nut and using a […]