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Navigating The Jaguar MK2 Project Site

Site Organization and Navigation The site for the Jaguar MK2 restoration is divided into three parts: Disassembly, Restoration and Fitting, and Reassembly. The first 53 entries to my MK2 Project Site address the “deconstruction” of my 1964 MK2 for a complete restoration. The 53 entries are chronological in nature, that is, they begin in January […]

The Bloody Beast – 1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI BT7

First Drive

Welcome to my website covering the history, restoration and “personalizations” to my 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mk I affectionately known as “The Bloody Beast.” Feel free to email me with questions, suggestions  and/or comments. I am in the process of transferring the contents of my old website to this new format so it will be a […]

Front Suspension

Working on the front suspension of the Mark 2 is made easy for the hobbyist, because it is possible to completely reassemble the front suspension apart from the vehicle and then “offer it up” to the frame of the car with a jack or two. It is certainly more convenient to assemble the components on […]



Introduction I took my Universal Laminations hardtop apart in 1977 and, of course, intended to completely restore it to original standard at the time. This did not happen and it sat disassembled until I began to undertake the complete restoration of my car in 2001. We all know that it is best to take things […]

Fuel System

Fuel Pump and Fuel Lines

The Original Fuel System The fuel system consists of the fuel tank, the fuel pump, the carburetters and the air cleaners. The original fuel system included the following: Fuel tank: 14.4 U.S. gallon steel tank Fuel pump: SU electric Carburetters: Twin 1 3/4” semi-downdraft HD6 Air Cleaners: Coopers “pancake” type.  Modified Fuel System Aluminum Fuel […]

Gearbox and Overdrive Storage

Gearbox and Overdrive

Have not been able to do much work on the Jag recently, but I did build a nice crate to store the original gearbox and overdrive. They were a greasy mess so it took a couple of evenings to clean them up before mounting in the box. I will have these components rebuilt before reinstalling […]

Entry 53 – Fascia, Demister Nozzles

LH Fascia Board

While waiting on the cad plating of original fasteners so that I might assemble the front suspension assembly and its components, I decided to begin some random clean-up (blasting, priming and painting) of various parts. I did this in no particular order, other than by the tubs of parts stored together in the same container. […]

Entry 52 – Engine, Gearbox, Starter, Clutch, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Ground Strap, Clutch Drive Plate, Flywheel, Clutch Cover Plate

Jaguar MKII Bell Housing to Block Bolt Pattern

Engine and Gearbox The engine and gearbox (long removed from the car) were still bolted together and taking up quite a bit of space in the garage. I decided to go ahead and remove the gearbox and bell housing from the motor, so that I could then stand the gearbox on end and put the […]

Entry 51 – Door Check Straps

Note Angle of Check Strap

Door Check Straps The only task I have remaining to do to finish stripping the car is to remove the door check straps. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to remove them. I asked the experts on the Jag-Lovers email list and got help immediately: In this case you really […]

Entry 50 – Door Seals, Rubber Door Buffers

LH B-C Post Door Seals

Door Seals March 11, 2011 is a significant day, for it was the day that I finished disassembling the MKII! After removing a few rubber door seals, I was able to afix my home made car trollies to the frame of the car so that it could be moved around the garage and onto a […]

Entry 49 – Doors, Door Hinges, Door Hinge Shims, Door Check Arms, Door Lock Striker

RH Front Upper Hinge

Doors and Hinges Today I removed the doors and door hinges from the car. A few of the phillips head hinge bolts required heating for removal but I eventually got them all! I began with the LH rear door and moved from there to the right rear, then the right front followed by the left […]

Entry 48 – Door Trim & Felt, Door Filler Piece, Door Handle, Door Lock, Door Remote Control

LH Front Striker

Door Trim and Felt Today I finished dismantling the components of the LH front door. This included removing the outside felt in the window rail. The felt was held in place by four metal clips secured to the door. The felt was positioned 1 1/2” from the LH side of the door frame. The remains […]

Entry 47 – Door Glass and Frame, Window Regulator

Door Glass and Frame Schematic

Door Glass and Frames The last dismantling jobs are to remove the door glass and chrome window frames, the window regulator mechanisms and the door locks. I started with the LH driver’s door by doing somemeasuring as a first step. The images below show the measurements for mounting the glass intothe regulator channel, and the […]

Entry 46 – Radio Antenna, Indicator Lamps, Blanking Plates, Plugs and Grommets, Motor Mounts, Interior Lamps, Wheel Spat Rubber Buffers, Wheel spat Mounting Brackets, Spare Tire Cover, Bonnet Latch, Fuel Line Clips

Plastic Blanking Grommet

Radio Antenna I continued with the removal of odds and ends on Sunday. I had never removed the radio antenna that was fastened to a clip inside the LH front fender. It was secured to the clip with a large nut tightened down on the clip. Removal was just a matter of loosening the nut […]

Entry 45 – Seat, Seat Runners, Handbrake, Handbrake Lever, Handbrake Shaft, Handbrake Switch, Handbrake Blanking Plate, Steering Column, Universal Joints, Steering Outer Tube, Steering Column Spacers, Seat Belt Bolts, Floor Grommets

LH Seat Assembly

This weekend is devoted to the odds and ends that remain in dismantling the Jag. Seats I took out the seats with the exception of the driver’s seat last summer. First step today was to remove the seat. I lifted out the lower cushion exposing the seat frame mounting points. I then removed the two 7/16” nuts on the […]

Entry 44 – Boot Lid, Boot Seals, Boot Hinge, Boot Lock, Jack, Jack Clip, Spare Wheel Cover, Spare Wheel Clamp

LH Rubber Wiring Grommet

Boot Lid Assembly My next step was to remove the trunk lid assembly. The lid is supported by two large springs. I removed the four 1/2” hex bolts on each side that secured the lid to the hinges. The lid assembly could then be lifted away from the car. Several components needed to be removed […]

Entry 43 – Fuel Pump, Exhaust Heat Shields, Fuel Pipe, Pipe Clips, Rubber Grommets, Exhaust Hangers

Fuel Pump Removed

Exhaust Heat Shields Not too many things remain to be done to have the Jag completely disassembled. Today I began my work by removing the exhaust heats shields from the undercarriage of the car. The heat shields are in three pieces. The first piece is held in place with 4 hex head bolts. Once the […]

Entry 42 – Fuel Door, Fuel Door Hinge, Fuel Flexible Pipe, Fuel Tank Gauge Cover, Fuel Sending Unit, Fuel Tank Mounts

Fuel Tank Removed

Petrol Filler Door One year ago today, I drove to Indiana with my brother, Tom, to inspect the Jag and make a purchase decision. It was a bitter cold day. The end of the story was that I bought the car and now almost a year later I am just about to finish stripping it for […]

Entry 41 – Rear Suspension, Rear Torque Arm, Leaf Spring, Spring Mounting Plates

Rear Torque Arm Assembly

Rear Leaf Springs and Torque Arms Today is the day to remove the rear suspension assembly leaf springs, but my first step was to get the LH and RH torque arms out of the way by removing them from their upper mounting brackets. This just involved loosening the hex bolt and nut and using a […]

Entry 40 – Rear Axle, Panhard Rod, Torque Arm, Hydraulic Damper, Handbrake Compensator, Brake Hose

Rear Damper and Coil

Brake Hose and 3 Way Adaptor Having successfully removed the rear axle hubs, it was time to remove the rear axle complete. My first step of the day was to remove the flexible brake hose from pipe to 3-way adaptor on the axle. This involved removing the hose from the mounting bracket on the bottom […]

Entry 39 – Rear Hub Removal, Axle Shafts, Brake Rotors, Rear Differential

Rear Brake Rotor

Rear Hubs If getting the rear hub nuts off the end of the axle shafts wasn’t hard enough, getting the rear hubs off the axle was a real killer! Fortunately, Peter Sellers, a member of the Jag-Lovers Saloon emaillist graciously lent his hub puller tool to me. I could not have done the job without […]

Entry 38 – Rear Brake Calipers, Clevis Pin, Handbrake

LH Rear Hub

Rear Brakes, Rotors and Calipers Having stripped the front suspension, it was time to turn to the rear of the car. The first step was to remove the rear brake calipers from each side of the car. This entailed a few fairly easy steps. First, was disconnecting the LH handbrake cable assembly from the handbrake […]

Entry 37 – Coil spring Compressor, Front Suspension Crossmember Assembly, Rubber Mounts, “V” Mounts, Steering Box Assembly, Bump stop, Wishbone Levers, Fulcrum shaft,

Fulcrum Shaft with Shims

Coil Springs These are images of the 1/2” acme thread rod and steel plates I made to use as a coil spring compressor. It worked well with no problems encountered. Front Suspension Cross Member After removing the coil spring, I detached the rubber mounting at front of suspension cross member. The mounting consisted of two metal […]

Entry 36 – Front Crossmember Suspension Assembly, Mounts,

Son with Deer, I Mean Front Suspension Assembly

Coil Springs I purchased a 36” length of 1/2” acme threaded rod to use as a home-made coil spring compressor. I first cut the rod to a 31” length, but to be able to insert the rod into the center of the coil spring, the car would have to be jacked very high, so I decided […]