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280SL Maintenance

280SL Maintenance March 2017 27,320 miles on the odometer Front Shock Absorbers The front end on my car seemed to “rebound” a little more than it should so I decided to replace the front shocks. The rear shocks seemed fine. Most folks on the Pagoda Forum favor sticking with Bilstein shocks which were original equipment […]


Rear View Mirror The parts manual does not provide much information on the rear view mirror. The assembly apparently came from Lucas and was installed as an assembly. Perhaps there is Lucas documentation available someplace, but I did not find it. My original mirror was pretty dirty and the height adjustment post would not tighten […]

Entry 6 – Carpet and Front Seat Removal

RH Front Kick Panel

Front Seat For the first time in almost a month we had sunshine and temperature above 40 degrees on the weekend. I still had to shovel a little snow to work around the car, but conditions were good enough to continue dismantling the interior. I had not had a chance to vacuum the rear seat […]

Entry 5 – Rear Seat Cushions and Frame

Rear Seat Frame

Rear Seat Platforms I got home a little early on Wednesday and it was warmer than usual and sunny, so I used the time to remove the seat upholstery and foam rubber from the seat cushion frames. The foam rubber was thrown away, the leather was saved for possible patterns later and the frames were […]

Entry 4 – Rear Seat Removal

Rear Upper Seat Cushion Removed

Rear Seat and Seat Belts During the course of the previous week I concluded that my first “restoration” task was going to be removing the interior upholstery, carpet and headliner to try to eliminate some of the nasty odor. I didn’t have much time as rain was moving in in the afternoon, but on Sunday […]