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Wilkinson R & P Kit Components

The Standard Steering Unit The Jaguar MK2 used a Burman F.3 steering unit as a standard fitting. In some cases the steering was power assisted, available as an option, but not on my particular car. The Burman unit is a recirculating ball type in which motion is transmitted from the inner column worm gear to […]

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel As a 2016 Christmas present for me, my wife purchased a new Moto-Lita 15″ steering wheel, boss and horn button. I know that most people seem to prefer wood Derrington-type wheels if not going with the original, but I personally prefer leather and after all, this is the wheel that Ian Callum chose to […]


Moto Lita Wheel

Steering I made no modifications to the original steering system consisting of the steering box, steering idler, and steering arms. However, both the steering box and idler were completely rebuilt. Steering Wheel I did replace the original steering wheel with a Moto-Lita Mahogany Wood Wheel. This also requires adding a new hub. Control Head/Trafficator The […]