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Wilkinson R & P Kit Components

The Standard Steering Unit The Jaguar MK2 used a Burman F.3 steering unit as a standard fitting. In some cases the steering was power assisted, available as an option, but not on my particular car. The Burman unit is a recirculating ball type in which motion is transmitted from the inner column worm gear to […]

Entry 37 – Coil spring Compressor, Front Suspension Crossmember Assembly, Rubber Mounts, “V” Mounts, Steering Box Assembly, Bump stop, Wishbone Levers, Fulcrum shaft,

Fulcrum Shaft with Shims

Coil Springs These are images of the 1/2” acme thread rod and steel plates I made to use as a coil spring compressor. It worked well with no problems encountered. Front Suspension Cross Member After removing the coil spring, I detached the rubber mounting at front of suspension cross member. The mounting consisted of two metal […]