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Steering Column

Steering Column Steering Column Cover Assembly Unfortunately, the cover on my steering column was broken, but these plastic pieces are available from the usual vendors. I ordered new halves and assembled them with the original overdrive indicator and clear plastic lens. The assembly consists of the Upper Steering Cover Assembly at Center of Steering Wheel […]

Entry 45 – Seat, Seat Runners, Handbrake, Handbrake Lever, Handbrake Shaft, Handbrake Switch, Handbrake Blanking Plate, Steering Column, Universal Joints, Steering Outer Tube, Steering Column Spacers, Seat Belt Bolts, Floor Grommets

LH Seat Assembly

This weekend is devoted to the odds and ends that remain in dismantling the Jag. Seats I took out the seats with the exception of the driver’s seat last summer. First step today was to remove the seat. I lifted out the lower cushion exposing the seat frame mounting points. I then removed the two 7/16” nuts on the […]