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December 20-24, 2017 Wheel & Tire Cleaning and Polishing

I cleaned each wheel carefully with a three step process. I thoroughly cleaned each wheel with a wheel cleaner liquid and elbow grease. This was then followed with Griot’s Garage polish compound using their 3″ random orbital buffer. Finally, two coats of a Pinnacle’s Diamond Wheel Coating was applied to each wheel. Pinnacle Diamond Wheel […]

MK2 Wheels, Tires and Alignment

Alignment As a supplement to the Service Manual, I found this document on the internet: Jaguar Tire Alignment.  Knock-off (Spinner) Tool I have always used a lead hammer to tighten or remove the spinners on my Big Healey and had planned to do the same for the Jaguar. However, in watching a YouTube video by DaveJaguar66, […]

Wheels & Tires

The Original Tires and Wheels The wheels were Dunlop 15” 48 spoke center-lock wire wheels painted silver-grey secured with a two-eared chromed bronze knock-off. The car was fitted with Dunlop Roadspeed RS4 tubed black-wall bias ply tires. Tire and Wheel Modifications I decided to use Dayton chrome/stainless wire wheels supplied by Hendrix Wire Wheel. The […]

Bugeye Maintenance

Maintenance Well I had good intentions, but this is woefully out of date. I will try to catch it up soon! I have not been keeping my maintenance of “The Bugeye” in my website/blog, but I will begin today! June 29, 2013  Removed the K&N air filters, cleaned them both and sprayed with K&N dust […]

New Tires & Fuel Pump

John's Bugeye at Massanutten

I am a little late recording this, but in September 2010 the Bugeye’s shoes were replaced. While the tread on the Wynstar tires looked just fine, they were over eight years old, so for safety sake it was time to replace them. The same tire was no longer available, so the Bugeye now has some […]