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Entry 41 – Rear Suspension, Rear Torque Arm, Leaf Spring, Spring Mounting Plates

Rear Torque Arm Assembly

Rear Leaf Springs and Torque Arms Today is the day to remove the rear suspension assembly leaf springs, but my first step was to get the LH and RH torque arms out of the way by removing them from their upper mounting brackets. This just involved loosening the hex bolt and nut and using a […]

Entry 40 – Rear Axle, Panhard Rod, Torque Arm, Hydraulic Damper, Handbrake Compensator, Brake Hose

Rear Damper and Coil

Brake Hose and 3 Way Adaptor Having successfully removed the rear axle hubs, it was time to remove the rear axle complete. My first step of the day was to remove the flexible brake hose from pipe to 3-way adaptor on the axle. This involved removing the hose from the mounting bracket on the bottom […]