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Windscreen Washer

First a description of what was: My 1964 Jaguar Mk2 did not have the original Lucas Screenjet washer bottle and pump. I don’t know why it was missing. Perhaps a pump motor failure or a broken reservoir? Lucas actually put glass reservoirs under the bonnet. This is an image from Eric Kriss’s MK2 of the […]

Dash Fascia and Gauges

Radiator Fan Switch

When we bought the Bugeye, it came with a working tachometer and a dead speedometer. After thinking about having the original instruments refurbished or buying new ones I decided to buy new Smith’s gauges. Keeping the original tach would have involved installing the guts of an electric tach into the casing of the old gauge […]

Electric Windscreen Washer Pump

Sniffing each other

Electric windscreen washer My dad read a technical article by Stu Brennan, an owner of a Sunbeam Tiger, who had converted his hand activated pump windscreen washer to an electric washer. He liked the idea because he put the electric switch in the aluminum pump canister thereby eliminating the need to install an additional switch […]