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New Wiring Harness Circuits

Power Inputs to the Classic Technologies’ Relay/Fuse Panel The Classic Technologies Panel has four primary connections. A – 12V power input from the small fuse box (battery B+) to power the accessories circuits. A brown 12 AWG wire is used to the Yellow screw terminal spade lug connection. B – 12V power input from the […]

Wiper System Upgrade

Wiper System Upgrade I am upgrading the wiper system with a kit provided by Classic Motor Cars. The kit uses a model 29 W Lucas Motor, part# 75967D that I believe was used for XJ series Jags in the eighties and early nineties with a modified original switch to operate the system. These are the instructions provided for […]

Electrical System

Lucas Driving Lights

The Original Electrical System  The electricals were a 12 volt positive ground Lucas system. The battery with an interrupt switch was located in the boot. The system consisted of the following: Fuel pump: SU AUA72 Voltage Regulator: Lucas Type 106/2 Single Fuse Box: Lucas Type FS6 with 50 and 35 amp fuses Electric Overdrive: Laycock de […]

Entry 24 – Fuel Filter, Wiper Motor, Electrical Panel

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter I had a little time on Friday evening so I decided to remove a few more items from the engine bay, starting with the fuel filter. I first removed the fuel line’s 9/16” fitting and hard fuel line from the filter. Then I removed the fuel filter from the fuel filter bracket mounted […]

A Little Wiper Work

Wiper Work

Planning on attending The British Car Fest in Buckeystown, MD on Sunday the 27th, so we needed to get a few maintenance items taken car of on the Bugeye. We had never reinstalled the wiper motor when we finished restoring the car so that was the first job. We pulled the dash off the car […]