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Chapter 4 – Disassembly

May 26, 2002 Wiring Harness The wiring harness enters the interior cabin from a large centrally located grommet in the firewall. It splits into three strands. Strand “A” Dash panel light switch – 3 wires, 2 red/white stripe to one post. 1 solid red wire to other post. Heater – 1 solid green wire with […]

Chapter 14 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

August 26, 2003 Wiring  Wiring Harness – Received the new wiring harness from British Wiring Inc. We ordered the main harness, horn wiring that we probably won’t need, light pigtails and the stator tube wiring. Everything looked good. Also ordered a special pliers for pushing the wiring bullet connectors into the rubber joints which will […]

Electric Windscreen Washer Pump

Sniffing each other

Electric windscreen washer My dad read a technical article by Stu Brennan, an owner of a Sunbeam Tiger, who had converted his hand activated pump windscreen washer to an electric washer. He liked the idea because he put the electric switch in the aluminum pump canister thereby eliminating the need to install an additional switch […]

A Little Wiper Work

Wiper Work

Planning on attending The British Car Fest in Buckeystown, MD on Sunday the 27th, so we needed to get a few maintenance items taken car of on the Bugeye. We had never reinstalled the wiper motor when we finished restoring the car so that was the first job. We pulled the dash off the car […]